History and story of the Weimaraner:

Welcome to the Timucuan Weimaraner Club Of Florida's website!
We hope you will find it a useful tool to find out more about the Weimaraner. Our club was founded in the year 2000. We are recognized by the American Kennel Club and the Weimaraner Club of America.

Our club was founded to promote the improvement of the Weimaraner and responsible dog ownership. The Weimaraner is a very versatile breed and many club members are active training
their dogs in obedience, tracking, hunting, agility, rally and conformation shows.

Our club area covers most of central and northern Florida. Our events take place within our area and we try to have an event at least every other month. Our club has at least one sanctioned AKC Hunt Test per year. Our conformation specialty show is held during the West Volusia Kennel Club dog show weekend in the fall. We have lots of Fun Days and seminars as well. So please contact an officer and come join the fun!

The Weimaraner is a short coated dog. Its color ranges from light silver-gray to dark gray. The eyes are blue to amber. The females are usually between 23 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. The males are larger at 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder and 65 to 85 pounds. This breed is used for hunting pheasant, quail and other upland birds and waterfowl. They are bred for intelligence and stamina, to be able to work all day in the field. They love to work and play and have seemingly endless energy. When not working, they are part of the family, and like to be included in everything you do.

Although they excel at hunting, they are used for obedience, tracking, show dogs, therapy dogs, drug detectors and as the favored companion. The Weimaraner is a very versatile dog with the brains and energy to do almost anything!

The Personality of a Weimaraner
The following characteristics describe a typical Weimaraner:
  • Intelligent - problem solving abilities, and eager to learn.
  • Fun - Loving (with an incredible sense of humor!)
  • Demanding - love to bond with their humans.
  • Strong - Willed - can be stubborn.
  • Spiteful - this breed loves to interact and can be destructive if left in unattended.
  • Loving - kind and gentle
  • Stubborn - willing to learn, though enjoys being challenged.
  • Takes Charge if No One Else Does - exactly what it says.
  • Devoted to its Family - loyal.
  • Good with Children and other Animals.
  • Mischievous - busy.

  • A GOOD FRIEND - The best friend you could ever ask for and like all friendships it is an investment of time.


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